Hanna Schörken, vocals/effects
Constantin Krahmer, synthesizer
Bernd Oezsevim, drums/percussion

Ignaz Schick, turntables/sampler/preparation

Release: Dec 2021

Sound; emerging from the eternity of nothing. Molecular, directionless, undefined: always in a variable dialogue with silence. The sound takes hold of space; manifests itself, dissolves into organic and inorganic compounds. A voice, the squeak of a turntable, electronics, percussion. The drums mellow down into a groove, the voice pushes back, the synthesizer moulds a framework which the other components follow.

Constantin Krahmer
»Close Up«

Zuzana Leharovà, violin
Veit Steinmann, cello
Constantin Krahmer, piano/compositions
Leif Berger, drums

Sebastian Gille, saxophone
Michael Heupel, flute

Release: Feb 2022

Close Ups in film and photography are special without any doubt. In portraits even little wrinkles or skin pores are revealed to the observer, when it comes to object photography one is entering a new dimension noticing smallest textures and details in the object's surface. This is exactly what the music of Constantin Krahmer's Close Up is heading for: To create an intimate atmosphere with a loving eye for details. At the same time to have plenty of space for breathing, improvising and shaping. All instruments are unplugged and near the audience inviting them to get carried away by the music. Mostly soft but intense and vital. From the uncommon line-up with strings, piano and drums arises a quiet but intriguing band sound.